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Whale Watching in June

Thousands of Whales Have Migrated Past Cronulla

What a month to be in Cronulla and take trips each day to see the whales and dolphins. We have been running a morning whale watching cruise and an afternoon cruise to get up close to the whales. There have been hundreds of satisfied customers including some celebrities on board. The weather has been ideal and the ocean for the majority of the time was clear and calm.

Calm Conditions at Cronulla

Close encounters with the whales

Dolphins in a playful mood

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Perfect Whale Watching Weather From Cronulla

Whale Watching in Calm Seas

Cronulla has turned on the ideal whale watching weather conditions. The wind has been still which in turns makes the ocean calm.

We had a large number of passengers on our Whale Watcher boat who were treated to the grace of these giant mammals.

The most amazing afternoon trip today! Humpback whales 🐋, seals and dolphins 🐬
The conditions were perfect and the whales were happy to give us a show with a couple of big jumps out the water. Was funny to see whales try and fin slap a dolphin that wanted to play.

We have trips all this week and the weather and seas are looking great so hope to see you all soon.

Adding to the excitement was the arrival of a pod of dolphins.

All this took place on our morning whale watching tour.


Whale and dolphin watching at Cronulla
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Whale Watching Season in Australia

From May to October is the Whale Watching Season

Departing from Antarctica some 17,000 humpback whales will migrate north to warmer climates to feed and care for their babies. Every two years mothers give birth after enduring an eleven-month pregnancy. The Royal Society Open Science journal is predicting that a large number of mothers have become pregnant after years of commercial whaling. Treaties were created late in the 20th century to protect these endangered mammals. Now we are seeing a genuine recovery as the population of whales is on the rise. Research indicates that 63% of whales have become pregnant compared to 36% in 2010.

Whale watching season Australia
Image supplied by Wild About Whales

This is all great news for whale watchers and admirers of the magnificent ocean creatures. On their journey, the whales will pass by Sydney on there way to the Great Barrier reef. They must leave Antarctica to protect their calves as they have not developed enough blubber to protect them from the cold.

Migration Patterns of Whales

There are many species of whales and each varies slightly in and why they migrate.  For instance, right whales, seem to migrate solely because of the pregnant females who need warmer waters. Whereas other whales seem to have a seasonal migratory pattern.

The migration journey of Humpback whales is approximately 5000 kilometres. This is probably the longest migration path of any mammal.

Where to watch whales along the coast of Australia.

The New South Wales coastline has over 860 parks from Eden to Tweed Heads that will direct you to the best viewing stations. A number of these parks offer accommodation from pitching your own tent to fully equipped cabins.

Open Ocean Whale Watching Tours

Whale watching season tours Cronulla Australia
We are a registered whale watching tour operator that provides 3-hour trips twice a day. Our fully equipped boats are operated by professionals that are experienced in whale watching. We depart in the morning and afternoon from the Cronulla Marina in Sydney.

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Whales Visit Surfers in Cronulla

Migrating Whales Swim Past Cronulla

Whale watching season is nearing. Typically the season off the Sydney coastline runs from May to October.  Back in June 2018, a lucky few surfers got close to two humpback whales. The two mammals were first noticed at Jibbon Head which is the eastern tip of the Royal National Park. They then migrated north through Cronulla beach to Kurnell peninsular.

This was a special moment for the surfers as they witnessed face to face the awesome size of these magnificent marine creatures.

Surfers and whales meet in Cronulla Sydney

When is Whale Watching Season in Cronulla?

Whales will migrate past Cronulla between the months of May and October each year. They initially head north for warmer waters before heading back to Antarctica in September and November. The majority of whales that migrate are Humpback whales and Southern right whales.

Whales Hunting Shark at Cronulla

A drone operator captures a rare moment as a pod of whales hunts down a shark at Cronulla. The four whales are seen pursuing the shark. Eventually, the shark tires and the lead whale spectacularly wraps its giant jaws around the shark.