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Whale Watching in June

Thousands of Whales Have Migrated Past Cronulla

What a month to be in Cronulla and take trips each day to see the whales and dolphins. We have been running a morning whale watching cruise and an afternoon cruise to get up close to the whales. There have been hundreds of satisfied customers including some celebrities on board. The weather has been ideal and the ocean for the majority of the time was clear and calm.

Calm Conditions at Cronulla

Close encounters with the whales

Dolphins in a playful mood

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Humpback Whales

Most whales migrate to eat and breed. For example, baleen whales feed mostly on krill, which is abundant in very cold waters. However, these cold waters are not a suitable environment in which to give birth – newborn calves are born without a protective blubber layer under their skin and would quickly freeze to death. So whales meet their need for food and suitable calving areas by travelling long distances from cold feeding areas, to warm, shallower waters for calving and mating.