Southern Humpback off Cronulla Sydney NSW with Black Belly

Southern Humpback Whale off Cronulla Sydney NSW with BLACK BELLY

One Very Excited Unique Southern Humpback

Encountering a unique Southern Humpback whale off Cronulla, Sydney, is an extraordinary and experience.

Typically, Southern Humpback whales are known for their distinctive black backs and white bellies, which make them easily identifiable. However, every once in a while, a special individual breaks this pattern, appearing entirely black, which is indeed an exceptional occurrence.

The phenomenon of an all-black Southern Humpback whale is a rare genetic variation, sometimes referred to as a "melanistic" individual. Melanism is the opposite of albinism and results in an excess of dark pigmentation in the skin, making the whale appear predominantly black. While it's extremely unusual, it's not unheard of in the world of marine mammals.

Encountering such a unique individual on a whale-watching tour is a testament to the incredible diversity of nature and the surprises it can offer. For the approximately 35 passengers on board, witnessing this exceptional Southern Humpback whale with its all-black appearance would undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Such moments create lasting memories and contribute to our understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

It's essential to document and share these encounters with the scientific community, as they can provide valuable insights into the genetics and behavior of these magnificent creatures. Moreover, they remind us of the need to protect and conserve these marine environments and the incredible biodiversity they support.

Overall, encountering a rare all-black Southern Humpback whale on a whale-watching tour is a remarkable and humbling experience, underscoring the beauty and mystery of the natural world.

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Departing:  Cronulla Public Wharf 

Season:   01 June - 31 October each year

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Southern Humpback off Cronulla Sydney NSW with Black Belly
Southern Humpback off Cronulla Sydney NSW with Black Belly