Cronulla whale tours

September Whale Watching at Cronulla Sydney

What a Month September has been for Whale Tours

It has been a mass migration of whales down the east coast of Australia. Some say the numbers of around 30,000 have never been greater. When we depart the Cronulla Wharf we are out in the ocean and amongst these awesome mammals in 15 minutes. Also, quite a few dolphins have been escorting us to meet the whales. Our passengers have been getting up close and personal with the whales as they show off some of their incredible grace and power.

There is no social distancing when it comes to whales. They go where they want and do what they want.  Whales have been coming right up to the boat and giving the kids and adults lifetime memories.  Checkout some of our short videos and watch the humpbacks put on a show.

We run morning whale tours and afternoon whale tours.


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