Jumping Humpback Whale Cronulla

Rachelle Mackintosh

Best Jumping Whale Photo of 2022

What an absolutely amazing day for our whale watching party.

Anyone that is experienced in watching wild animals in their natural environment will agree that things always don't go to plan.

But sometimes the sun and the moon align and we are able to capture photos like this.

After 80 minutes of no action, this whale came up to the boat and just started breaching out of the water.

You can actually see the exhale as this beautiful whale jumps..

We lost count at 30+ jumps and there is so much footage.

We were lucky to have onboard Rachelle Mackintosh of Faunographic, a local Sutherland Shire Professional wildlife photographer. If you want to follow Rachelle you can by linking to Rachelle Mackintosh at Instagram

The whale season off Cronulla is still running from 01 June - 31 Oct each year.

Bookings available at - www.CronullaWhaleWatching.com.au


Whale Watching Tour – Close Encounter off Cronulla NSW