Perfect Whale Watching Weather From Cronulla

Whale Watching in Calm Seas

Cronulla has turned on the ideal whale watching weather conditions. The wind has been still which in turns makes the ocean calm.

We had a large number of passengers on our Whale Watcher boat who were treated to the grace of these giant mammals.

The most amazing afternoon trip today! Humpback whales 🐋, seals and dolphins 🐬
The conditions were perfect and the whales were happy to give us a show with a couple of big jumps out the water. Was funny to see whales try and fin slap a dolphin that wanted to play.

We have trips all this week and the weather and seas are looking great so hope to see you all soon.

Adding to the excitement was the arrival of a pod of dolphins.

All this took place on our morning whale watching tour.


Whale and dolphin watching at Cronulla


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