Australian whale highway

First Whales Sightings Along Australian East Coast

Australian Whale Highway Is Open

The first of 10's of thousands of whales have been spotted along the east coast of Australia. The whales are on an 11,000 kilometre journey heading from Antarctica to warmer waters in the tropics then straight back to Antarctica. The migration is best witnessed off Sydney between May - November each year.

Whale watch tour Sydney

The whale highway is in full effect with over 30,000 whales expected to migrate past Sydney coastal line between May - October.

The whales start in Antarctica and travel up the coast individuals, pairs and pods.

On the way back down the coast later in the season some of the whales be migrating as the new mothers guiding their calves back to Antartica.

On arrival in Antarctica, they will feed on huge lunch consisting of fish, krill and plankton.

You will see whales breach the surface as part of their rituals. They will communicate by singing and also demonstrate their physical prowess. Krill underpin the entire food cycle in Antarctica and are essential to whales, seals and penguins. Krill absorb approximately 10 billion tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. And as the whales feed on Krill they return the carbon to the seafloor. This is an important cycle in returning the carbon back into the earth's system.

Join The Whales on Their Journey

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