False Killer Whale Watching Season Sydney

The most interesting fact about False Killer Whales is they are part of the dolphin family. They prefer tropical waters but can be found in cooler water. The False Killer Whale is very sociable and migrates in large numbers. They also like to make friendships with Bottle-Nosed Dolphins. Statistical data suggests they have a lifespan of approximately 60 years.

False Killer Whale

False Killer Whale Details

False killer whales
  • Up to 2200 kilograms
  • Females 5 metres¬† Males 6 metres
  • Dive down to 930 metres
  • Top speed of 29 kph

How To Identify a False Killer Whale

False Killer Whale - scientific name Pseudorca crassidens

The False Killer Whale is a large mammal weighing in at 2200 kilograms and is part of the dolphin family. The male grows to 6 metres and the female grows to 5 metres. False killer whales are part of the dolphin family. They can be identified by their long, slender bodies, large conical teeth, and round foreheads. They are mostly found worldwide in tropical waters and occasionally in temperate waters. These skilled hunters feed mostly on squid and fish. Sometimes they will also prey on other marine mammals. They are fast swimmers, enabling them to completely leap out of the water when attacking prey.

False killer whales are very social animals that travel in groups that may contain hundreds of individuals. They will even form friendships with bottlenose dolphins that last for years. These marine mammals are notorious for stealing the catch of fishermen from their lines. This is a dangerous tactic that may result in injury or entanglement to the whale.

False Killer WhalesFalse Killer Whale Communication - False killer whales communicate using a wide range of vocal calls. They also use echolocation to locate objects in the water by producing clicking sounds.

False Killer Whale Breeding - False killer whales are capable of breeding throughout the year. A pregnant female will give birth to a single live calf after 11 to 16 months. Newborn calves will already be around 1.8 metres in length. Calves nurse their mothers for two years. It will take about a decade until they are mature enough to reproduce. On rare occasions, a false killer whale will mate with a bottlenose dolphin causing the birth of a hybrid species. A female false killer whale will only give birth every five to eight years. This makes it difficult for their populations to recover if threatened.

They have no known predators besides humans. Multiple individuals at a time are frequently found stranded on beaches around the world. The largest stranding ever recorded contained over 800 false killer whales. They are also prone to accidentally swallowing plastic pollution.

Interesting False Killer Whale Facts

  • They are part of the Dolphin Family
  • They hunt at night
  • They have a top speed of 29 kph
  • The gestation period is about 16 months
  • They swim in pods of up to 500 members
  • They feed mostly on fish and squid