Cronulla Whale Watching - NSW Sydney

NSW $50 Parent Vouchers… ACCEPTED HERE !!!!


 1. Book a Trip in July / Aug / Sept / Oct 2022

2. Trips BEFORE 09 OCT, we scan vouchers on the day..

3. Trips AFTER 09 OCT, email us your voucher code...

4. MULTIPLE Vouchers can be used at the same time !

5. If you have x5 Vouchers, we can claim them all at once !!

6. Credit Card on Booking held as "Security" deposit...

7. Booking is paid on the day when you arrive.


Discover Voucher ($25) - Expired

Parent Voucher ($50) - Expires 09 October 2022


  • Book your Whale Watching tickets online anytime between NOW - 31 October 2022.
  • Book as many people under the one booking as you wish.
  • Your Online Booking will require a Debit / Credit card as security.
  • No funds will be taken from the card until you arrive at the Wharf.
  • For Trips BEFORE 09 OCT, just bring your QR codes to the Wharf on the day
  • For Trips  AFTER 09 OCT, you will need to email your QR codes though... watch VIDEO
  • If you are booking for a GROUP and wish to pay individually via TAP & GO this is OK.
  • Remember... MULTIPLE Parent Vouchers can be scanned at same time...